8 Jul

How Do Dentists Repair a Broken Tooth

How Do Dentists Repair a Broken Tooth

Suppose you are having your favourite ice cream or candy, and you feel something broken or chipped inside your mouth. Then you realize it’s a broken tooth, and that realization comes very late, and it becomes quite painful even to handle. The teeth are covered by enamel, which is known to be the hardest and most mineralized tissue in the body. However, its strength has its own prescribed limits, which you need to understand. Many things like a fall, getting punched on the face or biting down on something really hard can result in a broken tooth. However, if you find a tooth to be broken or chipped, don’t worry. You should consult dentists specializing in broken tooth repair without any delay. In this blog, you will learn how do dentists repair a broken tooth and how to take care of it.

How to Take Care of Your Broken Tooth

In case your tooth is broken, decayed, or fractured, you should immediately consult a dentist as mentioned above. It will help you prevent further damage to your tooth and avoid infections that can make you lose your tooth. At the same time, you should follow the self-care methods prescribed below:

  • If it is painful for you, take medications that are prescribed by your dentists. You also need to rinse your mouth with salt water.
  • If there is a sharp edge caused by the breakage on the tooth, cover it with a wax paraffin or a sugar-free chewing gum. It will prevent the tooth from cutting your tongue or the internal area of your lip and cheek.
  • Avoid eating hard food and biting with the broken tooth.

The severity of the damage will also decide how the dentist will fix your broken teeth. If a small piece of enamel comes off, the repair can be done in a single visit to your dental surgeon, thus saving your valuable time. However, if your tooth is badly broken, the repair procedure will be really lengthy and cost you more. It can also be a scary experience, as we have always perceived in our childhood. However, it is important to know the procedures your dentist can follow to repair your broken tooth.

How Can Your Broken Tooth Be Repaired By a Dentist?

Here are some methods that your dentist will use for broken tooth repair, given below:

Bonding or Dental Filling:

If a small part of your tooth enamel has been chipped off, your dentist may fix the damage with a filling. If it is done to your front tooth, your dentist will use a procedure called bonding, which uses a tooth-coloured resin. This will help you smile without any worries of getting your teeth discoloured. It is a procedure which doesn’t require your tooth to be numb. It also won’t take too much time from your busy schedule.

Dental Crown or Cap:

If you have a decaying tooth or have its large piece falling down, the dentist will grind the remaining tooth or take it away. Then, they will cover it with a crown or a tooth-shaped cap, also known as a dental crown. It is a material that is made to protect the tooth and improve its appearance. Additionally, you will also need to visit your dentist twice to get a crown on your tooth. There are many types of crowns given below:

  • Porcelain-Infused-to-Metal Crown(Used for frontal tooth and suitable for people allergic to metals)
  • All Porcelain Crowns(Commonly used for people who want their teeth to look natural)
  • Gold Crowns(a long-lasting crown that can resist corrosion. It is the best option for back teeth that take a lot of force while biting)
  • Zirconia crowns(Made out of ceramics. These crowns are known to be strong, durable, and look aesthetically good)
  • Resin Crowns(temporary crowns that are the least expensive and doesn’t last long. They are always replaced by permanent crowns)

Dental Veneers:

If you have a broken front tooth, you can make it look healthy with the help of a dental veneer. It is a shell of porcelain or resin composite that is coloured like a tooth to cover the entire front of the tooth. It has a thicker section that will replace the broken part of the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy:

If your pulp is getting exposed due to a broken tooth, it can become infected it. This can be really dangerous since the pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, leading to the death of a pulp tissue. To remove such dead tissues, you may have to undergo a root canal therapy. It will also clean the root canal and seal it back. They are less painful in nature and can help in quick recovery.

Final Words

Dentists use different ways to repair your broken tooth. They look at various factors that help them decide the suitable method to fix the tooth. Hence, these methods can help them achieve the best outcome and ensure your tooth is healthy and avoid infections that can be really harmful to your oral health. Furthermore, you should always ensure getting the broken tooth repaired on time due to the risk of infections that can make you lose your tooth.