4 Jun

What are the Common Myths About Root Canals?

Root Canal Treatment

Imagine your tooth as a house. The walls and roof are the hard enamel and dentin, protecting the soft, pulpy interior—the “living room” of your tooth. Now, picture a leaky faucet in your house’s plumbing. If left unattended, that small leak can cause major damage, eventually leading to the need…

30 May

What to Do After Wisdom Tooth Extraction: A Guide to a Smooth Recovery.

What to Do After Wisdom Tooth Extraction: A Guide to a Smooth Recovery

Many people have wisdom tooth extraction, which can be one of the most unpleasant and painful experiences. If you’re someone who recently had a wisdom tooth extraction, we can understand how much discomfort you would be experiencing right now.  It’s time to focus on your wisdom tooth extraction recovery and…

28 Nov

What Is a Dental Emergency?

cute girl undergoes dental emergency treatment in clinic

What is considered to be a dental emergency ? Is it a broken tooth, broken dentures, an avulsed or knock out tooth, uncontrolled pain from a tooth ache or a dental abscess, uncontrolled intra-oral bleeding or hemorrhage, an orthodontic dental emergency, an infected tongue piercing, unexplained sudden or chronic changes…

25 Jul

Dental Emergency Avoidance Tips

Dental Emergency Avoidance Tips

With the warmer temperatures in the GTA the risk of outdoor sports recreational activities increases. Tips for avoiding dental emergencies resulting from oral injuries and trauma and tips for lessening the damage from the sequela after trauma will be discussed in this article. Dental emergencies caused by injuries to the…