Emergency Dental Care in Richmond Hill

When Richmond Hill residents are in need of emergency dental services, whether it’s because their regular dentist cannot accommodate them or because it is after-hours, Emergency Dental 365 is available.

Emergency Dental 365 offers emergency and same-day dental services to GTA residents, including those in Richmond Hill.

Our clinic is home to a team of dental professionals who are committed to offering efficient dental care and a comfortable experience, even for the most anxious patients.

In short, Emergency Dental 365 provides dental care that we know our Richmond Hill patients expect from their chosen medical professionals. Whether you have been suffering from a toothache or you have broken a tooth, Emergency Dental 365 is well-equipped to handle any dental emergency.

Emergency Dental & Same-Day Services in Richmond Hill

At Emergency Dental 365, we offer emergency dental services 7 days a week, from 6AM to 10PM.

We are well-equipped to handle any dental emergency with expertise, including: toothaches/pain, broken teeth, lost fillings, broken dentures, recementation of crowns or bridges, extractions, abscess, emergency root canals, knocked out teeth or orthodontic emergency care.

Don’t suffer from unnecessary pain any longer – we will accommodate you right away. Simply complete this emergency dental medical history form at home or in our office and give us a call. We will accommodate you immediately. We will give you a report to give your dentist, along with insurance forms.

At Emergency Dental 365, we do everything we can to accommodate our patients in times of need. From free free parking, TTC access and a variety of payment options, our Richmond Hill patients can expect seamless and highly efficient emergency dental care from start to finish.

Emergency Dental 365, Emergency Dental Clinic For Richmond Hill Residents

Emergency Dental 365 is comprised of dental professionals who are committed to providing quality dental care. Our office is able to meet the range of needs that patients require during emergencies. Our office is equipped with highly comfortable chairs and treatment is offered in a relaxing environment.

We ensure that each patient is uniquely attended to and that questions are answered and options are presented. On top of that, treatment is efficient.

How to Contact Us

If you are a Richmond Hill resident and are in need of emergency dental care, call us now at (416)-510-2253. We can find us at 300 York Mills Road #2b. We are located on the corner where York Mills Road meets Bayview Avenue.

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