Emergency Dental Care in Scarborough

Dentists are not always available when we need them; their schedules may be full, or we may need to see them after office hours. This is especially true for Scarborough residents where dentists commonly operate at peak capacity.

Whether you have been suffering from a painful toothache or you broke a tooth and your dentist is unable to accommodate you, Emergency Dental 365 is happy to offer treatment. When it comes to dental emergencies, time is often of the essence. Receiving prompt dental care can help you to get back to living life.

Emergency Dental 365 is an emergency dental clinic in the GTA, serving Scarborough residents when they are in need of emergency dental care. Emergency Dental 365 is home to top dental professionals who offer outstanding, efficient dental care and same-day services when you need it most. Efficiency is needed in emergencies – and is also something we know our busy Scarborough residents expect of their service providers.

Emergency Dental & Same-Day Services in Scarborough

Whether you are in need of emergency dental services or same-day services in the Scarborough area, Emergency Dental 365 will take care of any dental emergency, from toothaches and pain to a broken or knocked out tooth. We are also equipped to deliver emergency root canals and other extensive dental treatments.

We offer same-day services and emergency dental care 7 days a week, with our emergency dental services available from early morning to late at night (6a.m to 10p.m).

All you need to do is give us a call, fill out this emergency dental medical history form (at home or in-office) and we will accommodate you right away.

We are an emergency dental clinic that goes out of our way to accommodate our patients in just about every way we can. Free parking and TTC access is available. Ontario Works, ODSP and IFH clients are welcome. We offer a variety of payment options, including visa, Master Card, Amex, debit and cash.

Emergency-Dental-365, Emergency Dental Clinic For Scarborough Residents

Not only are our dental professionals capable of dealing with dental emergencies, but Emergency Dental 365’s team is comprised of experienced dentists who work together to make this possible.

Just as we are equipped to handle any dental emergency, we are also able to work with our patients’ different comfort levels. We understand that our clients have a range of comfort levels when it comes to going to the dentist. We are adept at making patients feel comfortable and are well-equipped to do so. Our most anxious patients will feel comfortable amongst our friendly and welcoming staff. We take care of our Scarborough patients.

How to Contact Us

If you are a Scarborough resident and are in need of emergency dental care, call us now at (416)-510-2253. We can find us at 300 York Mills Road #2b. We are located on the corner where York Mills Road meets Bayview Avenue.

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The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has been extremely arduous both health wise and economically on a global scale. Dentistry and dental emergencies in particular have not escaped this devastating global concern. Factors such as loss of employment, reduced income, delayed graduation, increased job workloads and sentiments of futility over when will this pandemic ever end have contributed to significant anxiety in the general population. The dental profession is seeing symptoms of augmented anxiety manifesting itself through increased clenching, bruxism and other parafunction. Dentist are reporting an increased frequency of severe unrelenting toothaches, broken denture, broken filing, broken fixed prosthesis and broken or fractured teeth resulting… Read More

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