22 Jul

Wisdom Teeth: A Guide to Symptoms and Causes

Wisdom teeth a guide to symptoms and causes

Ever heard of wisdom teeth? They’re those extra molars that try to show up (forcefully & uninvitingly) in your mouth. They usually appear either in late teens or early twenties. The name might make you think they’ll bring you special knowledge. Is it? Let’s be real – wisdom teeth are…

16 Jul

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Everything You Need to Know

Ever felt that weird pressure in your mouth, like your back teeth are trying to push their way out? It’s no fun! That dull ache or sharp pain can make it hard to focus on anything, especially when you’re trying to study, work, or even enjoy your favourite meal. We…

8 Jul

How Do Dentists Repair a Broken Tooth

How Do Dentists Repair a Broken Tooth

Suppose you are having your favourite ice cream or candy, and you feel something broken or chipped inside your mouth. Then you realize it’s a broken tooth, and that realization comes very late, and it becomes quite painful even to handle. The teeth are covered by enamel, which is known…